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Try this FREE mini-course to get a peek inside my setup.

YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE affordability and flexibility of THE PROGRAM….BUT NOT QUITE SURE?

Test out the online piano lesson learning model by signing up for my FREE mini-course.


Yes…I really offer a free mini-course to allow you to “get inside” my site a bit for 4 mini-piano lessons. You’ll have a chance to:

  • Peek inside the layout of my site to see how easy it is to navigate your way around the course
  • Test out 4 mini piano lessons with your child by watching the videos & downloading the corresponding music
  • Access me with any questions pertaining to the lessons and/or your child’s learning style
  • Observe the progress your child makes as he learns some piano playing basics!

There is absolutely NO COST OR COMMITMENT involved in signing up for this course. Once you sign up, you’ll have instant access to these 4 mini-lessons, and be able to view them with your child on your own schedule.

What’s included?

This FREE Course Consists of 2 Mini-Modules

Rhythm & Keyboard Geography

After completing the 2 mini-lessons in Module 1, your child will be able to…

  • Distinguish between quarter note and half note rhythms
  • Find the keys C & D on the piano using the 2 black keys as a guide
Fingering & The Staff

Upon completion of this module, your child will be able to…

  • Count whole note rhythms
  • Identify the finger numbers used in piano
  • Read & play staff note melodies using Middle C & Treble Clef D

Let’s do it!

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Snackable Mini-Course
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