busy kids do composing course

Supplement your child’s piano lessons AND INTEGRATE HIS SKILLS

while allowing him to be creative and channel his inner-Mozart!

what is it?

A STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH to learning piano composition.

Does the thought of your child being able to compose a song sound intimidating or impossible?

It doesn’t have to be either of those things! In 14 years of teaching, I’ve learned that even my littlest students (as young as 4-years-old!) are completely capable of creating their own musical compositions. It is amazing and exciting to watch their creativity and confidence grow and they strengthen their musical skills and develop deeper levels of musical understanding.


  • Video lessons where I explain one compositional tool at a time and help your child examine famous pieces of music to recognize how the tools are used.
  • Downloadable exercises, staff paper, charts and checklists to help your child practice the compositional tools we learn using drawings, examples and his own ideas.
  • A supportive community to engage with along the way, that includes his piano teacher (that’s me!) and other families using the Busy Kids or Busy Moms programs.

what’s included?


Module 1: Basic Tools

In this module, I teach basic composition tools that even Level 1 piano students can utilize. We listen to examples of the composition techniques in famous works of music, and practice applying them to our own “practice” composition. In these 5 lessons, your child will learn:

  • How to compose a basic rhythm story
  • What a motive is and how to write one
  • How to play with the motive using repetition, sequence and retrograde
Module 2: Intermediate Tools

In these 2 lessons, we’ll learn and practice 2 additional composition tools:

  • How to compose a question and answer in music (parallel or contrasting)
  • How to change octaves to add variety
Module 3: Advanced Tools

I’ll teach ways to spice up the composition by playing with the rhythm of the motive in these 3 lessons, where your child will learn:

  • Rhythmic Diminution & Augmentation
  • Shifting the Rhythm
Module 4: Finishing Touches

Now that we’ve spent many lessons practicing each individual composition tool, we put what we’ve learned into practice to create an exciting piece of music. These final 4 lessons will teach your child:

  • How to improve the LH accompaniment by adding richness and variety
  • Ways to come up with concrete inspiration for a composition
  • The finishing touches — articulation, dynamics, tempo and title (I include many helpful charts & checklists!)


ANY Piano Student

A piano student who can read staff-note music (minimum of C position) will enjoy using composition to supplement their piano lessons.

Busy Kids Subscribers

Subsribers to my Busy Kids Do Piano program will find this course beautifully fits into the work we do within the courses. (NOTE: Lifetime membership holders have access to this course and do not need to purchase it separately)


Does my child need to be a member of the Busy Kids Do Piano program to take this course?

Nope! Any piano student can use this course to supplement his piano lessons. If your child can read staff note music and is comfortable playing in at least C position, she can use this course.

I already subscribe to the Busy Kids Do Piano program. Do I have to buy this, too?

If you’re a Lifetime Membership holder – this course is included as part of your membership and you will be able to access it within your membership dashboard!

If you’re a Monthly Member Subscriber, you definitely don’t have to purchase this. I do include a few basic composition lessons in my Level 3A and 3B of the Busy Kids program, but this course is designed to walk your child through a step-by-step approach to composing his own piece of music, and is a fantastic way to strengthen his aural, visual and theoretical skills.

Can I use this course for more than one child?


$17 one-time
Busy Kids Do Composing Course
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